Workout Video

We filmed a workout video in phoenix late last year using a tricaster mini that they bought here.
The cool thing is that we used a green screen studio so we could change the location to any place in the world.  Originally we thought we would use a beach local. As we debated we thought our Christmas trip to Hawaii would be ideal to snap a picture and switch the video to the great white sandy tropical beaches on the big Island.  But when we got home we did some volunteer work at the inner city and realized that obesity was really running rampant in inner cities. So we thought about why not switch it to a city and try to motivate some inner youths to get healthy.


35% of Adults

37% African-American women

33% Mexican-American Women

26% Wealthy Americans

32% Poor Americans

What we learned was that people living in the most poverty-dense counties have the highest rates.  This was based on an analysis of the poorest counties across the country. At first thought we didn’t understand.  If people are poor then they probably don’t have as much money to spend on food.  Further study shows that inner cities have less healthy options and are limited to more fast food high calorie chooses.


While this blog is based on exercise we probably need to add a section on diet and nutrition.  While exercise and an active life style is key to being healthy, eating a balanced diet high in fruits and vegetables is the first step. Not doing so not only results in being over weight but also hyper-tension and diabetes. One of the biggest contributors is sugary drinks and not consuming enough water. So if you want to start your journey to lose weight and become healthy please start with consuming 8 glasses of water a day.  This means don’t add sugar or flavors to the water just drink clean pure water.

Watch this video of Dr. Josh Axe talking about how much water you should drink per day.