RitFit Ab Roller Evolution Abdominal Machine


RitFit Ab Roller is the perfect tool for working out your abs. The machine easily works on toning and sculpting your core muscles. In addition, it lets you do your abdominal crunches at various levels. Its tough and ergonomic design prevents back and neck strain linked with crunches. It also provides support for the neck, head and the upper body. At the most, one can instantly feel its effects on the core muscles of the body as it tightens the abdominal area.

A set of RitFit Ab Roller includes a RitFit Ab Roller, a manual and an e-book workout guide that will be emailed upon purchase. For storage, it can be dismantled manually to save more space. Some varieties may also be done when using the machine like adding weights to increase the difficulty of the workouts.

Most people are satisfied with their use of RitFit Ab Roller. They find the product easy to assemble and the manual provides clear instructions for its use. People also find the added paddings comfortable for their needs. On the other hand, some find the machine a bit bulky for storage while others are not satisfied with the materials used in making the product.