Foods That Cause A Fat Belly


It is a well-known fact that people love to eat. Everyday, most of us pass by our favorite fast-food chain or grocery and indulge ourselves with one or two servings with some of the food that we love to eat. However, before people decide to take a bite of their palate favorite, they should know a bit about food that are converted into deep fat tissue that is related to increase in weight. Moreover, eating food that cause the development of fatty tissues can also lead to grave illness like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.


Potato chips contain a lot of salt and saturated fat which can cause weight gain and make people bloated. In addition, these foods are incapable of satiating the appetite of people. This results to the tendency of people to eat more bags of potato chips expecting that they will feel satisfied if they eat more of them. It has been shown that daily consumption of potato chips causes an increase in weight by two pounds.

For people to satisfy their craving for salty foods, they can try eating some Beanitos which are made from navy beans, brown rice, oils, and various spaces. It is better than most potato chips because Beanitos have lesser amount of saturated fat.


There is scientific evidence supporting the effect on diet soda consumption with increase in waistlines. People who drink diet sodas also have more belly fat as compared to those who do not consume such kind of beverage.

Diet drinkers may want to try drinking white tea. White tea helps in the prevention fat tissue development and it also aids the body in liberating more fats.

  1. PIZZA

Pizza is considered as the second most saturated fat-filled food in the American diet. The fat contained in this bed of meat and cheeses is more than enough for people to worry about their arteries. Moreover, studies also show that the fat obtained from eating pizza is more apt to be stored in the stomach area than in other parts of the body.

People who crave for pizza may want to try eating bruschetta. The meal is like pizza, crusty and has a lot of tomatoes.


Studies have shown that French fries alone can cause a significant increase in weight when compared to other kinds of food that cause fat tissue development.

To those who love eating fries, they can try making their own at home. Use sweet potato and cut them into strips before spraying them with coconut-oil, adding salt, pepper, and garlic powder, then baking them at 350 F.


Rib-eye steak is one of the fattiest cut of meat that people love to eat. According to certain Chinese scientists, fatty red meat can lead to development of fat tissue in the abdominal area.


Even though most of the fruit juice sold in supermarkets are supposed to be all-natural, these products still contain sugar that is comparable to those that can be acquired from eating donuts. Fruit juices contain sucrose that is related with the formation of belly fat in people.

People who are fond of drinking fruit juices should try a concoction of water with fresh sliced fruits like oranges and grapefruits. In citrus fruits, the peelings contain the anti-oxidant d-limonene which aids the body in eliminating unwanted toxins and liberating stored fats. If you want to read about something that can help reduce belly fat through a healthy life style. You should start with making sure you eat 3 balanced meals a day.  This includes at least one serving of fruits and vegetables with each meal.  Also consuming enough water is required to reduce belly fat.

How To Get Perfect Abs


A lot of people work hard and do a lot of exercises just to reveal the muscled abs that are supposed to be lying under the layers of fat that they are trying to burn. However, a number of people who exercise do not know there are certain factors that play a role in shaping and keeping the body fit, especially the abdomen area. The secret is to learn about the four key fundamental principles that are meant to bring out those muscles that a people are yearning for.


The dietary plan of a person who works out to achieve six-pack abs should be focused on eliminating the unwanted fats in the body and reveal the more muscular areas of the abdomen. It is vital that the diet should include foods that provide enough nutrients to keep the muscles rehydrated, round, and full.

The most basic rule in following any kind of diet plan is to eat frequently at regular intervals. Such schedule aims to keep on replenishing the body’s supply of nutrients that are important for muscle building and keeping the levels on nitrogen balanced. Meanwhile, this also ensures that the muscle cells are always in anabolic conditions.

Regulating the amount of carbohydrates and meal size contributes in maintaining blood sugar levels. Smaller meals also do not lead to stomach distention so the stomach area does not appear to be thick and bloated. People can try the Razor-Sharp Abs Diet to unveil the deep striated muscles on the abdomen area.


Not enough strain and exercise is one of the reasons why a lot of people are not able to achieve a well-toned abs. in reality, the technique is to exercise the abdominal muscles from all side and angles to induce hypertrophy.

Because abdominal muscles are arranged differently from those of the arms and other parts of the body, experts think that greater effort and longer and more exercises routines must be employed in working out the abdomen muscles.


There are a number of people who need to make extra effort in order to achieve their dream abs. For some of them, it is necessary to do some cardiovascular exercises in order to liberate more fats to fuel the body’s activities.

Some people choose to do cardiovascular workouts before they take their breakfast every morning because it is during this time that blood glucose, insulin, and muscle glycogen levels are in optimum condition that make it easier for the body to use up its excess fats. Moreover, the intensity and duration must also be taken into consideration when choosing a cardio workout. It also recommended to do exercises that are aimed at preserving the muscle’s glycogen content while burning just the right amount of fats.


People who really want to build up their muscles while getting rid of their body fats also utilize methods that are backed up with evidence discovered through science and are really intended to helping the body burn more fat. One such method is biochemical pathway of fat oxidation which is frequently used to liberate more fats that are stored in the body.

Fat oxidation is the process by which fat cell are liberated from fat tissues and used as fuel or energy source of the body. Clinically engineered fat- burners can be very helpful in achieving a body with much less fat in shorter period of time.

Jumping Rope For A Flat Stomach


At some point in their lives, a lot of people desire to have some six-pack abs. Most of these people have tried various workouts and other exercises that a lot of fitness magazines have claimed to be effective in achieving those perfectly toned and muscled abs.

However, no matter how hard people try to do those popular ab exercise, it can’t be helped that some will take a very long time before they can see any hint of muscle on their abdomen. In reality, having six-pack abs greatly depends on a person’s diet and the exercise done to burn the body’s excessive fats.

Though a lot of people have faith in their efficiency, most ab workouts can only burn about 84 to 151 calories in a matter of 15 minutes. When people research and think about it, they will realize that such value is not that much. So a better way for them would be to abandon their usual workouts and do jump ropes instead.

Doing jump ropes allows a person to burn a staggering 250 calories in just 15 minutes and with additional calories burned after the exercises due to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. In total, the total amount of calories burned after jumping ropes and the period after that can reach up to 400.

The fifteen-minute jump rope workout consists of doing jump ropes for 30 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. For those who want a little bit of variety when doing jump rope exercise, there are certain styles that they can try out along the way.

  1. Regular bounce is just your normal jump rope routine. Get ahold of a jump rope and jump rope for 30 seconds with both feet while in place. Make sure to take a rest for 10 seconds after each set.

  2. Jump rope while running in place. In this routine, a person runs in place while using the jump rope. On close observation, it will seem that the person is skipping in place but it should be noted that the point of the routine is to run in place while doing the jump rope and not to skip.

And just like with normal bounce, a person must rest for 10 seconds after each 30-second routine.

  1. Jump rope with single leg. At a closer look, the routine looks like the jump rope while running in place. However, this routine uses one leg at a time to jump the rope and each leg is raised higher (about waist level) compared to the of running in place. The exercise is also accompanied by 10-second rest after every 30-second jump rope.

  2. Jump rope with side straddle. Jumping rope with side straddle is like the regular bounce but instead of just jumping in place with both feet, a person must jump from side to side for 30 seconds before taking a rest for 10 seconds.

  3. Jump rope with three-step twist. In this routine, a person must twist his lower body to the left, front, and right side while doing the jump rope.

It is recommended to do all the styles listed above for fifteen minutes to maximize the effect of doing jump ropes in burning fats and achieving a well-toned and six-pack abs.