Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack


You might know Jillian Michaels from her TV show “The Biggest Loser” which shows in the US.  She also is on the Australian version of the show.  If you can’t get on the show you can try her 6 week workout which is available from amazon and is currently one of the worlds most popular workout videos.

The video focuses on six pack abs and this does not mean you want to do tons of situps.  On the contrary her workouts take you through the best way to lose belly fat and get a washboard stomach.  It might seem counter intuitive that this means less situps.  Don’t take her word for it just check out the reviews on amazon. One review states that at six feet tall she went from size 22 to size 16.  Keep in mind Marylin Monroe is a size 12 and a foot shorter.  This workout won’t be easy.  It will make you sweat.  But the proof is in the pudding no pun intended.  There are hundreds and hundreds of testimonials about people using this work out and losing a lot of weight.  They all say it’s work but it works.  If your a fan of Jillian this is a very inexpensive program currently priced under $10 on amazon. You will want to give it a try.


Mainly cardio focused on burning calories

Advanced some people might need to do strength training before trying this workout


Abs of Steel: Sculpting and Toning


Abs of Steel: Sculpting and Toning features 58 minutes of workout tutorial with the international fitness expert Leisa Hart. The DVD shows different methods in toning the muscles like ab training, ballet, yoga and Pilates. The exercises are supposed to help the body in burning calories and strengthening the heart. The film shows intense workouts that prove to be effective even when done in a much shorter duration. A variety of new exercises using a chair and the floor are also introduced that are great for sculpting the abs. The workouts are demonstrated at varying intensities and these can be adapted depending on the need of the viewer who want to try out these exercises.

People who praise the Abs of Steel DVD loved it because it provided them with short and easy to follow routine exercises that are not too tiring for them. It also provided them with a variety of workouts that they could choose from and the film really focused on working out the abs.

As for some, they viewed the tutorial negatively because they did not feel any observable effects on their bodies as they do the routines. Moreover, there are also some people who felt that the exercises featured were not enough to produce a well-toned and lean abs.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro



Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is a kinetic engines armed with a carbon steel turbo-charges that are perfect for abdominal and arm workouts. Its ultra-wide wheel provides stability when moving in different directions. It is also equipped with rubberized and non-slip ergonomic grips that conveys additional stability to the machine and its kneepads are made with high-density foam to provide maximum comfort during workouts.

Aside from adding stability, the rubbers on Ab Carver Pro also prevent making scratches on floors during exercises. Moreover, the machine is built specifically for the abs so it is perfect for people who are focusing on training their abdominal areas. The machine is also equipped with an adjustable spring that lets the user roll at varying degrees. And another thing that is good with this product is that it can be used by both beginners and experts in working out.

A lot of people find Ab Carver Pro very helpful in their workouts especially those who are training to develop their abdominal strength. Moreover, people under different age categories are able to use it. Its use can also be easily incorporated on exercises routines and there are claims regarding the immediate changes felt and observed by people after using it.

On the other hand, some users find difficulty in using the product. Others experience backpain after the workout and some claim that the machine does not help in working out the abdomen.

RitFit Ab Roller Evolution Abdominal Machine


RitFit Ab Roller is the perfect tool for working out your abs. The machine easily works on toning and sculpting your core muscles. In addition, it lets you do your abdominal crunches at various levels. Its tough and ergonomic design prevents back and neck strain linked with crunches. It also provides support for the neck, head and the upper body. At the most, one can instantly feel its effects on the core muscles of the body as it tightens the abdominal area.

A set of RitFit Ab Roller includes a RitFit Ab Roller, a manual and an e-book workout guide that will be emailed upon purchase. For storage, it can be dismantled manually to save more space. Some varieties may also be done when using the machine like adding weights to increase the difficulty of the workouts.

Most people are satisfied with their use of RitFit Ab Roller. They find the product easy to assemble and the manual provides clear instructions for its use. People also find the added paddings comfortable for their needs. On the other hand, some find the machine a bit bulky for storage while others are not satisfied with the materials used in making the product.