Abs of Steel: Sculpting and Toning


Abs of Steel: Sculpting and Toning features 58 minutes of workout tutorial with the international fitness expert Leisa Hart. The DVD shows different methods in toning the muscles like ab training, ballet, yoga and Pilates. The exercises are supposed to help the body in burning calories and strengthening the heart. The film shows intense workouts that prove to be effective even when done in a much shorter duration. A variety of new exercises using a chair and the floor are also introduced that are great for sculpting the abs. The workouts are demonstrated at varying intensities and these can be adapted depending on the need of the viewer who want to try out these exercises.

People who praise the Abs of Steel DVD loved it because it provided them with short and easy to follow routine exercises that are not too tiring for them. It also provided them with a variety of workouts that they could choose from and the film really focused on working out the abs.

As for some, they viewed the tutorial negatively because they did not feel any observable effects on their bodies as they do the routines. Moreover, there are also some people who felt that the exercises featured were not enough to produce a well-toned and lean abs.